Current university education results mainly in student debt. The Arts are in trouble, and the artists are so broke they cannot even afford to have families, and are therefore being removed from the gene line. Current Science has fallen into explanations involving “dark matter,” “dark energy,” and “non-coding” dark areas of the genome.

There are solutions:

Science can be solved by openness on the Web.

University education can be solved by using the Web to reduce fees and equalize student/teacher power.

The Arts can be solved by teaching kids at an early age to look, listen, and feel.

But that is only the start.

Science can be brought into constructive dialogue with spirituality by alerting both to Being itself. That is called Ontology. That means the current plateau in areas like Genomics can be understood as the misapplication of physics metaphors to Biology.

It also means that the current neuroscience research was doomed from the start. If the brain was that simple, one wouldn’t be able to read this sentence.

Spirituality, in turn, is consistent with best practice in current Science. Examples: Creation, Meditation, Ecology — all of which have a Science basis.

Real Artists should be revered as showing how Being manifests itself through us in our emotions and our bodies, not just our minds.

Students do 99% of the work at universities and should not have to pay. In fact, they should become shareholders in the university on graduation. At the University of Ireland, we revere scholarship; therefore, there are no fees for full-time students, that is those taking a minimum of 30 credits per year for the first two years. On graduation they will be offered the opportunity to buy shares in the university at a rate equivalent to $3,000 per share per year of study. So $12,000 is typical.

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Education in Freedom

We assert a system of education where necessary technical formation is based on these principles:

  • Young adults should be empowered to question everything they are taught while in the classroom, be that class physical or virtual. Older adults hopefully already know that!
  • It is useful to reparse nature with the quantum level, classical physical level, biological level, and psychological level separated. Each needs explanation and where possible computational treatment on its own terms.
  • Consciousness can be construed as the Absolute knowing itself through us.
  • The Arts and Humanities have equally valid claims to such knowledge as does Science.
  • Academic freedom: All scholars are totally free in their expression of opinion. While teaching a controversial area, instructors are obliged to furnish students with sources giving both sides of the argument.


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