Irish studies is a three-year course;


Year one

Physical anthropology 1; the subject will also include genetics

Irish History 1; from the arrival of the native gene stock to the Celtic period


Irish Language 1

Anglo-Irish literature

The art history of Ireland; music and visual expression 1

(see Irish Music and Culture — Summary and Sample)


Year two

Anthropology 2;

Irish History 2; from the Celtic period to the present day

Economics 1

Irish Language 2

Irish literature 1

The art history of Ireland; music and visual expression 2




Year three

Social anthropology

Irish History 3; controversies, including revisionism

Irish Language 3

Irish literature 2

Economics and globalization

Major project

(Minor project; Irish history)


Examination will be done at the major project presentation. In general, Coursera and edX* certs will be accepted, with the proviso that the oral exam at the major project presentation will allow examiners to ask questions about the courses covered by the Coursera and edX certs. This is in keeping with uoi policy. Moreover, students may also develop a portfolio of ancillary courses as described below, and submit a separate project in Irish history.

*We do not claim to own content linked at Coursera and edX. We simply suggest courses you can take online that satisfy our requirements. There are zero fees for full-time students. Others who wish to take one our own modules, like consciousness studies, may pay a suggested donation. Nobody turned away for lack of funds!


Selected exemplars related to Irish Studies


Irish – a living language/An Ghaeilge – teanga beo

“When I’m gone” in Irish/as Gaeilge

Free online tutorial

Apps for learning Irish


We are grateful to Terry Deacon for allowing us to use his course materials which can cover ll three years;

Science, magic, religion



Quite a few on

Literature; these may be taken as alternates for years 1,2,3

Fry’s yale course


Scandi tv





Game theory

group decisions

economic policy

business and society



Law and economics

Irish history

There are many resources at

Given the amount of disinformation out there, mastery of texts such as

Joe Lee’s “Ireland, 1912-1985: Politics and Society”;

“The Transformation if Ireland” by Diarmuid Ferriter;

In Search of Ancient Ireland: The Origins of the Irish from Neolithic Times to the Coming of the English by Carmel McCaffrey and Leo Eaton ;

In Search of Ireland’s Heroes: The Story of the Irish from the English Invasion to the Present Day by Carmel McCaffrey;

(see and ;

The IRA and Michael Collins: The Man Who Made Ireland Paperback both by Tim Pat Coogan;

“Ireland: a colony once again” and “Ireland in crisis?” by the course director are compulsory

The EU can be included;

Given Britain’s history in Ireland, credit will be given for

Students may skip all course requirements in this subject and submit a separate project in year 3 based on their reading of the above texts and other resources.


Art and Music;

These may be taken for the requirement in year 2



The following courses are recommended ancillary material

We feel it is vital that students take a wide range of courses and they can feel free to create a portfolio from the online courses on this page and then liaise with us to fill in the gaps (New ones will be created where necessary)


History of China pt 2

St Paul



other cultures


utilitarian ethics

other ethics



Further Links for History


Early modern–1815


William of Orange

Famine/An Gorta Mor

The 1916 rising and after

the treaty

A united Ireland in practice

The troubles

Ferriter’s summary 20th century

Links for literature

Yeats, Joyce and identity

Yeats; life and politics



Beckett and Ireland


Women’s writing

Art links’

Stained glass

Film links


The modern revival

The field

Irish music and dance links

The archive

IP controversies!anthonymccann/c1r5t

A rather dodgy “heritage” society

Piping up

4:4 and 6:8


old recordings

Historic contributions,7,1,1,34

The classic and best work

Amazing Gaelic songs

The astonishing revival from the 1970’s

Rock, pop, jazz, folk and civil society


Language links



Magisterial work on roots